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Why Buying Cannabis in Bulk is Better

Buying cannabis wholesale leads to more weed in your stash and more cash in your pocket. It’s more than just a smart purchase, though: Aside from being more economical, buying bulk weed online is more environmentally friendly, leaves you with more pot to share, allows you to stock up on your preferred strains and means you’ll spend less time restocking your favourite cannabis products. When most of us make any big purchase, we want to make sure that we’re getting quality stuff. Buying wholesale weed from Hush means buying high-quality cannabis products from a collective of Canada’s most passionate industry veterans, committed to offering boutique, high-THC cannabis that’s sure to make its home on your shelf.


Buying Cannabis in Bulk is More Cost-Effective

Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper than ordering smaller amounts of weed in the long run. Where ordering 7 grams of one strain might end up costing up to 20 to 40 dollars when the package finally arrives, buying bulk weed online from Hush means you’re saving money, grabbing that full-ounce jar of OG Kush Budder for only a few hundred dollars all at once. The same goes for other triple-A cannabis products like Lindsay OG flower, which can be bought in four ounces at a similar price point. Many large purchases through wholesale cannabis retailers like Hush come with free shipping as well (standard for larger purchases), so it’s just another dollar saved. Many also frequently offer coupons and deals to new and returning customers, which knocks another chunk off the cost for consumers.


It’s Easier to Stock Up on Your Favourite Cannabis Products

Almost every cannabis consumer has run out of their favourite strain at least once or twice. When you do, it can sometimes be difficult to find that special plant again. When you buy bulk weed in Canada, you’re making it far less likely that you’ll have to make do with a cannabis product you don’t like as much.

Hush is committed to the art of highly potent craft cannabis, so you’ll have no trouble finding a new favourite strain, shatter or hash when you buy from us. And when you do find that special plant, it’ll be a long time before you’ll need to restock. Which means…


You’ll Spend Less Time Re-Supplying Your Stash

For those who generally buy their cannabis products in person, it’s often a hassle having to travel to the outlet of choice, wait in line and confer with a budtender before purchasing their pot and making the same journey home. Even if you usually order online, just waiting for that batch of top-tier hash can be difficult: Some online cannabis sellers are difficult to navigate or may have low-level customer service, making the exchange tougher than it needs to be. Hush’s customer service is as high quality as our pot, and we strive to make the experience of buying that pot just as direct and enjoyable as the products themselves. When you buy wholesale weed online with us, you remove the amount of unnecessary and – let’s be frank – time-consuming interactions that stand between you and your bud.

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