Tucann – Disposable Mango Punch Vape Pen


500mg THC

Ceramic Coil

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Find your own place of paradise with a Tucann Vape Pen filled with rich THC distillate. Savour the essence of real fruit terpenes with organically grown Canadian cannabis. This disposable pen also comes with a charger under the front light.

Ease of Use
Tucann Vape Pens take the guesswork out of the entire vaping experience. Compared to other ways of consuming hash oil such as dab rig and nail set up, our Tucann Vape Pens are simple. It requires you to simply open the package and inhale.
The pen is sleek, discrete, and pre-loaded with high quality THC distillate derived from organic cannabis and all natural fruit terpenes to enhance the flavour.

If you are new to the world of marijuana or even if you want better control over your high, choosing our Tucann Vape Pen means you have the ability to choose your high. With every inhalation, you get to choose exactly how much hash oil you want to consume so you get just the right amount of psychoactive effects. In every Tucann Vape Pen, there are at least 150 doses.
Ingredient Info: 95% THC, 1.27% CBD, 1.69% CBN

Tucann – Disposable Mango Punch Vape Pen

Tucann – Disposable Mango Punch Vape Pen