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Gorilla Breath Cans (AAAA)


Indica Dominant

Batch Date: January 6, 2020

Flavours: Pine, Fuel, Chocolate

Bud Size: Medium/Large


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Gorilla Breath

Gorilla Breath cannabis by ThugPug Genetics is an Indica dominant strain. It hails from California and isn’t recommended for those with low tolerance. This strain is highly potent and pungent, so it’s not the best for those hoping to be healthy. It can treat insomnia and pain. Gorilla Breath cannabis strain’s high is soothingly sedative – it will infuse your night with bliss and leave you reaching for the fridge yet distracted.

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2 reviews for Gorilla Breath Cans (AAAA)

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    eskatuau (verified owner)

    11/10 quality,the best sticky buds you will see! Happiest customer ever,thanks!

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    Yes covered with Chrystal and resin a real heavy hitter. Another unique strain but top quality. You cannot go wrong ordering any of there AAAA products. The compare if not better than any other site out there! Believe me I know tried them all. Hush has best quality and prices bar none!

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