Forget U Not – Fruity Pebbles Distillate Syringe

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THC – 95% THC

SYRINGE – 1 Gram

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These glass syringes contain premium refined 90% THC distillate and that’s it!
Distillates effects are felt almost immediately after consumption. Due to having already had the THC activated, it will bring extremely quick results for patients who need fast-acting medication or recreational users looking for the best time ever!

Why use THC Distillate over Shatter?

A main attraction of distilled cannabis is it’s extremely high THC content. This process allows for a 90-99% THC finished product! Miles ahead of the 15-25% flower THC content and 60-80% of BHO and Co2 shatter extractions.

Note: THC Distillate can be very thick and hard to get out of the syringe at room temperature. If you run it under hot water then it comes out smooth.


95% THC


1 Gram


Stress, Insomnia, Fatigue, Pain, Lack of Appetite.

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