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When Buying Cannabis Flowers Online

Buy Cannabis Flowers Online With Hush For The Best Weed Deals

These days we’re doing less and less things in person, and why should buying weed be any different? At Hush Cannabis Club, we can meet all your weed needs with a package that ships right to your door. Now, you might ask: doesn’t buying cannabis flowers online make them more expensive? Actually, it doesn’t! Hush Cannabis Club is committed to offering their customers the best weed deals without compromising on the quality of their product. If you don’t believe us, check out some of the discounts we offer our buyers.

Deals for New Customers

We understand that trying something new can make some people nervous, especially when money is involved. Buying weed edibles online means you can’t try something out in a store, and you don’t want to experience regret over money that you’ve spent. Thankfully, Hush Cannabis Club has a few tricks up their sleeve to prevent any buyer’s remorse. If it’s your first-time shopping with us, simply enter the coupon code “WELCOME” at check out to qualify for a free eighth. We’ll even throw in some free shipping as well! Buying cannabis flowers online has never been more stress free.

Free Shipping

One reason people avoid shopping for cannabis flower for sale online is because of shipping costs. It can take something that is easily within your price range and bloat the cost into ridiculous proportions. This is especially true with heavy or bulky items, where the price can be nearly doubled in size. At Hush Cannabis Club, we want our customers to feel confident in their purchases, even when buying weed in wholesale quantities online. This is why we offer free shipping on any order over $99. That way customers can feel excited while waiting for a large package instead of stressing over the cost.

Variety Packs

Another great way for customers to receive the best weed deals is to check out our weed variety packs. With everything from cannabis flowers to distillate, and even edibles, customers can save up to 50% on their purchase.

The most variety comes with our packages of cannabis flowers. Customers can build their own mix of strains in quantities from a single ounce to a whole pound. Hush Cannabis Club has dozens of strains to choose from when creating a custom pack, meaning there are endless possibilities for mixing and matching your favorite tastes while also trying something new. When ordering a variety pack in ounces, each strain is measured in 7g units, while ordering in pounds means selecting strains whole ounces at a time.

Hush Cannabis Club is not measured by just their buds. Our variety packs also include distillate syringes, available in totals of a quarter, half, or ounce. We also offer concentrates in similar quantities, whether customers are looking for shatter, budder, or a mix of both. However, if you’re looking to buy weed edibles online instead, try our 10-flavor packs, where customers can combine weed edibles like gummies, chocolates, and even caramels.