The Vape Pen Revolution

Perfect For On The Go

It’s 2019 and there’s one fact that hasn’t changed over the years: Stoners still like to be high all the time (or for as long as they can). Following that trend, portable vaporizer pens are becoming the number one product in almost every place where they are available due to their size, discretion, and high potency extraction. Most cartridges nowadays are filled with Distillate, an extraction that normally tops at least 90% THC and is easily vaporized. That is enough to get the average user SUPER baked and with nearly no smoke.

The majority of extraction companies like to mix different terpene profiles to make cartridges more attractive in effect and taste, leading to a huge variety of choices for the end user.

So here are the reasons why every stoner should have one of them:

-You can smoke in a show, club or party and most people won’t even notice.

-Batteries & cartridges are normally smaller than the average Sharpie Pen, so you can take it anywhere!

-Lower Temperature Vapor won’t damage you as much.

-You can easily change flavors by switching cartridges.

-Juuls and similar devices already have THC alternatives.

While most dispensaries offer these kinds of products, on our site alone there are over 100 different kinds of cartridges and pens. You can mix and match all you want. As long as you’re in Canada it’s possible to order from us!