The different terminologies used to describe various types of weed can confuse people who’re new to the cannabis experience. If you’ve heard about shatter and don’t know much about it, read on.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is highly concentrated cannabis made using the butane extraction method. Because it goes through an extra filtration process to remove naturally occurring waxes, it is considered highly potent. Shatter is typically gold or amber in color and has a hard glass-like texture. The substance tends to crack, giving it its name. While cannabis buds have a cannabinoid percentage of 5% to 18%, shatter tends to have a cannabinoid percentage of as much as 80%.

How Is Shatter Extracted?

Shatter shouldn’t be extracted at home because the process involves using butane. This volatile solvent could lead to severe injury when mishandled. But, in a commercial manufacturing facility, it is safe and easy to extract this concentrate.

It is usually made using the closed-loop extraction system, where powdered cannabis is packed into a column. Then, a chilled solvent like butane is passed over the cannabis to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. This extract is then heated to remove the solvent. When cooled, what remains is a thin sheet of shatter.

Is Shatter Dangerous?

Concentrates such as shatter can have as much as three times more THC than cannabis buds. Such potent cannabis products must be used carefully, especially by those new to weed.

Legal cannabis extraction companies must display THC content and extraction methods on their products. Concentrates made in illegal makeshift laboratories may not take the precaution of heating the plant mixture thoroughly and could be extremely harmful when smoked or dabbed. Similarly, an overdose could make you panicky and anxious.

How Is Shatter Different from Wax and Other Forms of Concentrates?

There’s not much of a difference in the forms of concentrates, except the way they look. For example, while wax is soft and malleable, shatter is brittle and glass-like. This change in texture is because of the difference in molecular agitation. As for potency, shatter is considered the most potent, while the resin is the least because it is naturally occurring.

Where Can I Buy Shatter Online?

You can buy shatter online at Hush Cannabis Club. We can deliver it to your door and promise free delivery for orders over $150.