Purchasing cannabis products online in Canada has been a common trend for a few years now, with Mail Order Marijuana websites getting engraved into the Canadian stoner culture over time. Legalization did not change that and more often than not, users are switching from their regular dispensaries to using online services due to their price, accessibility, and discretion. Being able to know what you’re getting and the proper way to consume it is key to having a great Cannabis experience, and that’s why we’re here to give you all the information you need.

The process of distillation is not new in science but its use with Cannabis started fairly recently. The product is refined many times before it reaches the user and it usually tops at around 95%THC before terpenes are added to it. According to Patrick Bennet at Leafly, the distilled THC  is “arguably the future of cannabis concentrates” because of its versatility and potency. Looking at the Canadian market, we can’t deny that it has currently taken a good portion of the market.

Cannabis Distillate is one of the most versatile products you can find out there due to its purity and it already being decarboxylated. So here are the reasons that make Distillate the most versatile cannabis product out there:

You can eat it

If no terpenes are added, the final product of a distillate run does not have any taste or smell to it, while already being activated. That makes a great combo for edible making without interfering with the original flavor. You can use it sublingually, mix it with your butter, coconut oil or apply it directly to the food.

You can Dab it

Due to its purity and high potency, cannabis distillate is a great choice for dabbing on a banger or nail. While it’s not as solid and stable as other concentrates, the THC percentage usually is the reason why people dab it.

You can fill a cartridge with it

If you’re not a heavy flower smoker, don’t use dab rigs but would still like a discreet on the go option to get high, distillate cartridges are definitely your choice. 

You can spread on your paper (inside or outside)

A lot of the stoners who don’t dabble much into concentrates still like the possibility of combining “extra highs” to their buds. A very common practice is to spread the distillate on the paper before and/or after rolling the joint. Just make sure to leave a finger or two before the top of the joint so the heat of the flame melts the distillate before. It avoids a big mess!

You can put it on your skin

Just like RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), THC Distillate can be used topically and it acts as a great anti-inflammatory. Because it does not penetrate deeper layers of our skin to reach the bloodstream, using THC as a topical will not get anyone high but it will help with Arthritis,  joint and muscle pain while also acting as a muscle relaxant.