Is it more Economical to buy Cannabis from a Wholesale Supplier?

Every consumer has a unique rapport with their weed. Some will order a few grams of flower per week via their favorite mail-order distributor, others will make a single joint last them a few days. Some can subsist on a batch of well-made edibles for up to a month, others don’t dare leave the apartment without at least five grams of cheap weed lining their pockets.

For everything else, there’s wholesale cannabis.

Whether you’re a medical consumer who can’t go through the day without some strong pot mitigating your symptoms, or a simple, non-medical connaisseur (or a bit of both), the world of wholesale marijuana is gradually making the transition to a weed-friendly world significantly easier on both your time and your bank account.

Why You Should Buy Bulk Weed

If you’ve been to any wholesale outlet, you’re probably familiar with the hoarder-like mentality that prompts people to fill their SUVs with 100-plus rolls of paper towel, 50 liters of Coke and enough mayo to feed a fledgling nation – as though their first plan for a doomsday scenario is an office picnic. However, traditional wholesale buying isn’t about mindless consumption or cooking 70 hotdogs at once to show your boss that you have the raw, smoky dedication required to handle the Glengarry leads next quarter; it’s about squeezing the most out of your dollar and sparing yourself the effort required to reacquire your goods once the current stash is spent.

The law of “more for less” applies to weed, too: It’s increasingly common in the cannabis community for consumers to buy their bud in bulk, opting for larger amounts of cheap weed over puny plastic containers that offer a single gram for seven dollars (plus shipping). Here’s why buying from wholesale weed suppliers makes more sense in the long run.

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It’s Cheaper to Buy Bulk Weed from Cannabis Supplier in Canada

If Andy buys 12 boxes of Rice-A-Roni for $3 each, and Sally buys the bulk equivalent of 24 boxes for $35, which of them will need to invest in diabetes medication? Well, both of them, but Sally will have at least made the more fiscally responsible choice in the meantime.

The same applies when you purchase that fancy wholesale organic weed – you’re saving loads by not needlessly segregating your purchases where you’d otherwise end up paying more for the cost of producing individual units, each with their own packing and separate shipping costs. On top of that, growers and distributors want you to buy in bulk to move as much product as is possible, and the lower overall price point per gram is meant to be an incentive to do so.

Wholesale weed suppliers also frequently offer coupons and deals to new and returning customers, which knocks another chunk off the cost for consumers.


Buying cannabis in bulk is economical, convenient, and considerably less wasteful than the alternative. There’s no shortage of online weed retailers, but companies like Hush specialize in providing consumers with strong, boutique cannabis that’s carefully farm-grown and transported directly to customers from the said farm.

Aside from an ample supply of high-quality cannabis products, they ship quickly and discretely to most anywhere in Canada. Whether you’re buying wholesale cannabis in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, bulk sellers like Hush have you covered.