Hush Cannabis Club
Gift Guide

Getting gifts for your stoner friends can be hard. So we put together a gift guide that will help you get a gift your weed loving buddies will adore!

Cone loader:

This is an amazing gift for that friend that either doesn’t know how to roll or is the typical lazy stoner. It can be found in many headshops and online at Amazon. If you’re in Canada and you’d rather not have to roll, you can check out this amazing Pre Rolled joints from Hush. Obs: Pair that with a 50 cone pack from raw!


Vacuum Sealed/ Air Tight Jars:

No one enjoys dry herb and the tight vac jars are some of the best and cheapest options to help any stoner keep their flowers fresh and moist. Found at all sizes you can imagine, most headshops and websites will sell at least a version of it. To make the most out of it, throw in a Boveda 2 way-Humidifier Pack to make sure the humidity will stay at around 62%, which is the ideal moisture for Cannabis Flowers.
At Hush, we seal the cans and bags where we send our flower, so you’ll always get fresh buds in our packages.


THC/CBD Candy/Chocolate:

We all know that if you’re smoking weed you’ll eventually get the munchies. Gifting a THC or CBD candy/chocolate is one great way to make sure your friends will not only get rid of their munchies but also stay lifted and medicated. We have some of the most sought after candies on our website. Click HERE to check it out if you’re in Canada!
Friendly PSA: if you’re going for the THC sweets go low and slow as it can get quite intense if you have too much.

Wake and Bake Mug:

It’s known how much people love coffee and weed in the morning. If your stoner friends also love coffee, why not give them a way to wake and bake, together? Many brands started producing and putting bowls in a Coffee Mug and if you’re not sure because the smoke may be too hot, so check THIS article on the benefits of having hot/warm smoke liquids instead of cold. 


Ice Pipe Mold:

The Frost pipe mold can easily be found on the internet now and for less than $20 you can easily gift your stoner buddies something they’ll never forget. Plus, it’s the kind of gift that most likely both of you will try and use together during a sesh!



Extra – Weed (Flower/Bud):

This is the one gift that can’t go wrong. Any stoner will love to have some extra flower to smoke! We have over 25 strains for you to choose on our website, we’re pretty sure you’re gonna find something that suits you and your friends. Half quarters (3.5g) start at $20 – Click here to see the entire menu!