Shop AAAA Rated Kush Strains

At Hush Cannabis Club, we sell weed of every variety, whether you’re looking for premium organic strains or a few cheap grams to get you through the day. Our best weed by far, however, is our AAAA rated strains. AAAA weed is held above other strains on account of its smell, look, and taste. These strains have pungent and pleasing aromas that are absent of any off notes, as well as a large number of trichomes in a dense, well-formed bud. AAAA weed buds should have hints of orange or purple in their coloring and lack any sort of unhealthy discoloring. As far as taste goes, it should complement the aroma of the bud, and not carry any harsh aftertastes. At Hush Cannabis Club we have over a dozen strains of AAAA weed for sale, with some examples being Big Cat Kush, Crunch Berry Kush, and our Pink Kush strain.

         Big Cat Kush

         This AAAA weed is an indica strain, with effects that are sedating, yet still mentally euphoric. This creates a strain that is great for sitting on the couch with something funny and lighthearted to watch, or even spending a chill afternoon with your friends. The result of a cross between two heavy-hitting west coast strains, Mendo Breath and Maximus, this AAAA weed is known for its pungent smell of overripe berries, gassy funk, and even hints of grape tart. Its THC concentration can range from 19% up to 22%.

         Crunch Berry Kush

         As an indica-dominant hybrid strain, this AAAA weed is known to bring blissful relaxation to users’ mind and body, making it the perfect evening strain for releasing the stress and anxieties of the day. Crunch Berry Kush heavily resembles its name in taste, as this AAAA weed has a sweet, fruity aroma, though this is accentuated by a hint of spice. With a THC concentration of 24%, it is the strongest strain on our list.

         Pink Kush

         The ever-popular Pink Kush strain doesn’t just get its fame from its close relation to OG Kush, but also from its powerful, body focused effects. Users will find themselves relaxed and happy with this AAAA weed as its indica-dominant effects spread through the body and lift the mind into euphoria. Even experienced users can consider the Pink Kush strain to be overpowering, and with a 21.5% THC concentration we advise customers to use caution with this AAAA weed. As for aroma, a candy perfume fills the senses, accentuated by this strain’s sweet vanilla taste

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