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Stocking Up on Your Favourite Strains

Be honest here: How many times have you used up the last of that shatter or weed you just couldn’t keep your hands off of, only to return to your dispensary, dealer or mail order provider to find they were fresh out of the stuff, or had little more than the dust off your favourite strain left to sell you?

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When you purchase wholesale weed or any other cannabis derivative product in larger quantities, the sheer mathematics means you’re far less likely to be substituting your personal preferences with second-bests or subpar bud while you wait sheepishly for your provider to stock back up.

Buy $99 Oz Weed Online

Buying in Bulk Means More to Share

We’ve all had to be conservative in how we dole out the bud when friends come over. Frequently, there just isn’t enough for your four friends, their partners and that one guy Sam brought who hasn’t said a word in two hours, but seems to have vaped his body weight in the last 10 minutes.

Having a dedicated, thoroughly stacked stash ensures there’s more than often enough for your solo ventures and group hangouts. The human cloud can have his, too.

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