Shop Bulk Kush Weed at Hush Cannabis Club

At Hush Cannabis Club, we have a few different ways that customers can buy weed in bulk. We understand that sometimes buying a few grams at a time just doesn’t cut it, whether you need to stock up for a certain event or you just want to make sure you never run out of your favorite strain. Not only that, but buying bulk weed can also save you money. Whatever your reasoning is, Hush Cannabis Club is bound to have the perfect bulk weed for you. A number of our AA rated strains come in bulk wholesale quantities of 1/4lb, 1/2lb, and 1lb, and we also sell a cannabis flower variety pack that allows customers to create their own quarter pound out of dozens of different strains. The bulk weed that we would like to talk about here though is our $99 ounce weed. While customers have a dozen strains to choose from when it comes to our $99 ounces, we would like to focus specifically on our kush weed strains.

         Pink OG Kush

         This strain is almost as popular as its OG Kush weed relative, and is considered just as powerful. Some users may even find its potency to be overpowering, however, it is often recommended in small doses for alleviating pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. Its THC levels can range from 18% to as high as 22%. This kush weed is an indica-dominant strain, and as such its effects are much more physical, creating a powerful full-body high. Pink OG Kush buds are covered in sugar-like trichomes, and its taste is just as sweet as its appearance. With a candy-like perfume and flavors of sweet vanilla, this kush weed is a great dessert weed for making your day just a little sweeter.

         Violator Kush

         This kush weed is also an indica-dominant strain that provides users with a strong body buzz. We suggest keeping whatever you may need close at hand when using this strain, as even veteran smokers often find themselves couchlocked. This kush weed has a musty, earthy smell with notes of pine, and is a perfect pair for a relaxing evening of watching a movie or even taking a long nap. Violator Kush has a THC concentration of 22%, meaning users won’t need to take too many hits before reaching their perfect high.

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