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Hush Cannabis Club is a wholesale cannabis supplier serving populations across Canada, including Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. We are the best supplier in Canada, and we offer the widest product selection possible.

In addition to physical locations, Hush Cannabis Club is an online dispensary in Canada that allows shoppers to conveniently buy weed online in Canada and have it shipped discreetly to their homes.

Hush Cannabis Club offers the strongest products for the lowest prices and includes bulk deals, clearance, and a wide variety of product blends and brands. This includes rare strains and product blends.

What is cannabis?

Cannabis, which is also known as marijuana or weed, is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance produced by the cannabis plant. It can be used both recreationally and medicinally.

Depending on the specific plant type, cannabis has varying levels of THC and CBD, the ingredients responsible for pain relief, sense of calm, and the mild euphoria users enjoy.

Marijuana and hemp both grow on cannabis plants, but while hemp is largely used to manufacture paper and fabric, marijuana is used for its medicinal properties.

The History of Cannabis

Cannabis is anything but new when it comes to human use. In fact, certain parts of Asia had humans using cannabis for medicine as early as 500 BCE. It evolved as both medicine and textile/paper in Asia before moving into the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and America.

Cannabis extracts became somewhat popular in 1800s Europe and the US as a treatment for stomach ailments. It was sold in pharmacies up until it started being criminalized in the 1930s.

Again, because marijuana and hemp both grow on cannabis plants, cannabis’s rich history has had varying significance depending on the time period and the culture involved with its cultivation.

While some cultures used cannabis as a medicine, others may have used THC-euphoria induction for religious ceremonies. Even still, other individuals skipped the THC-containing marijuana all together and opted to enjoy hemp in the production of rope and fabric.

Why do people use cannabis?

People use cannabis for a number of reasons, both medicinal and recreational. Some people choose to use it for the pleasing psychoactive effects they experience. Using cannabis recreationally can encourage a sense of wellbeing, relax the user, and improve the flow of creativity. These benefits do not come with the same risks that consuming alcohol does, so many people who use cannabis recreationally enjoy the safety cannabis allows.

Others use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has been suggested through scientific studies to benefit individuals with an array of health conditions, including:

●Epilepsy- marijuana may reduce the frequency and severity of seizures
●Glaucoma- marijuana may help relieve pressure on the eyes brought on by glaucoma
●Multiple Sclerosis- marijuana may reduce the pain, numbness, and overall unpleasant sensations of an MS flare
●Cancer- marijuana has been suggested to have tumor-shrinking properties, as well as the ability to relieve pain and stimulate appetite in cancer patients
●Certain mental health conditions- marijuana may relieve anxiety and some of the symptoms of PTSD (though it’s important to consult with a doctor before introducing it as a treatment)
●Pain disorders
●Crohn’s Disease- marijuana may help calm the digestive tract during a Crohn’s flare, and may relieve some of the pain of a flare.

On top of potentially benefiting these conditions, marijuana may also improve a person’s appetite and sleep quality.

How to consume cannabis?

Most often, people assume that cannabis is only consumed via smoking the substance. Fortunately, this is not the case, and there are an array of different consumption methods a person can use.

●Smoking. Cannabis can be smoked via blunts, joints, pipes, water pipes/bubblers, etc.
●Vaporization. Cannabis oil can be vaporized and the vapors are inhaled through vaporizing machines, vape pens, or dab rigs.
●Oil tinctures. Cannabis oil can be consumed in the form of a tincture dropped into the mouth, under the tongue.
●Oral consumption. Cannabis can also be prepared as an ingredient in food. These cannabis-infused food items are called “edibles”.
●Topical absorption. There are THC/CBD-containing lotions, oils, salves, and even bath bombs a person can use to absorb cannabis through their skins.

Why is buying cannabis in bulk better/ more cost-effective?

There are several benefits to buying cannabis online in bulk. For one, getting cannabis online in bulk is almost always cheaper than buying smaller amounts. As is common when buying most items in bulk, wholesalers are able to sell bulk items for a lower price. This is often because preparing and packaging bulk items takes less work and requires fewer materials.

On top of purchasing a large amount of weed in one transaction, most bulk items qualify for free shipping, which is an additional way to save.

In addition to costing less in general, buying in bulk from a weed shop ensures that you’ve got more product for the amount of money spent. For moderate to heavy users, this means that your stash is going to last longer and if you happen to have people to share with, there will be more to go around with a bulk product.

Finally, buying in bulk is a better environmental decision as well. When customers buy cannabis online in bulk, less packaging is required and more product is being shipped in one trip compared to three or four shipments of the same product amount.

Why choose Hush as the best online dispensary in Canada for buying Cannabis?

Hush Cannabis Club sells potent, rare cannabis blends to Canada’s metro areas including Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

We have a wide variety of different cannabis products available and we offer both physical and online shopping. This means that we’re able to provide a convenient service for people who are looking to buy weed online in Canada.

Not only do we allow shoppers to order weed online, we will ship orders discreetly to shoppers’ homes. We offer bulk deals, clearance items, rare blends, and we utilize a point system that grants customers 100 points per dollar spent on certain products.

Hush Cannabis Club offers the best prices for the highest quality products, making us the ideal online dispensary of Canada.

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